IMCBio Training Programs

Master level

During the lastest decades, research in molecular and cellular biology has undergone a rapid evolution. Integrative and massive studies can now be performed to decipher the complexity of biology. Based on a multidisciplinary campus at the leading edge of research in Life sciences, the IMCBio graduate school provides a unique environment for interdisciplinary training in Biology.

To provide to you, master student, a strong knowledge in modern biology, our unique IMCBio Master Program proposes specific training units in english to enhance the high-level training units proposed by the Life Sciences faculty from the University of Strasbourg.

By choosing this program you will get:

10 months of practical training in several laboratories
integrative teaching approaches
seminar series by international researchers

Those elements are essential now-a-day for a competitive career in biology research.

The major asset of the IMCBio program relies on its dynamic evolution and adaptation to the needs of the students, so do not hesitate anymore and join us!   

HERE you can find out about the laboratories of excellence where you can do your rotations.

Find here the links to some of the IMCBio seminars:

PhD level

In the heart of Europe, the IMCBio graduate school PhD program is perfect for those passionate by life sciences and biomedical research. The complementarities and synergies between the different research groups of our graduate school constitute an attractive training community for you as a future IMCBio PhD student.  It is the place for eager and motivated minds to develop their ideas.

The IMCBio PhD Program is a three year – intensive training program developed to train the next generation of scientists. During these three years, our IMCBio PhD students:
Train in excellent laboratories, benefiting from synergies between experts and top-level technology platforms
Participate in lectures and practical courses that will give students an insight into the latest developments in biology or state of the art technologies and to help them prepare the next steps of their career
Have the chance to attend numerous first-class seminars given by internationally distinguished scientists and discuss with them
Get support for training abroad if necessary
Learn about technology transfer, intellectual property and how to start your own company.

Here you can see and hear 4-min short talks from two of our students doing an Inter-LabEx PhD (co-directed by two different labs):

specific training

Two months in situ incubation, mature your PhD program

“Red Carpet package” helping for your installation in France 

By choosing the IMCBio PhD program you will:

Experience great team work and collaborations;
Develop an original research project;
Get support from experts to solve a variety of problems;
Enhance your communication skills to capture an audience; 
Gain leadership.

To benefit from this unique opportunity to get a broad overview of every aspects of gene expression and regulation covering from nuclear organization and epigenetics to post-transcriptional and post-translational events as well as crosstalks between the nucleus, the cytoplasm and organelles in eukaryotes in the context of cell-to-cell communication, development and diseases, then join us!