Master 1 application

Are you a highly motivated student interested by academic excellence?

Do you want to be at the heart of stimulating and interdisciplinary training at biological interfaces?

Select one of the Life Sciences Master program and tick the box IMCBio graduate school. Then do not forget to add a motivation letter stating why you want to join the IMCBio  program.

Master 2 application

A few positions are also open to join the IMCBio graduate school for the Master 2 program.

If you are interested, thank you for filling in the form below before May 16, 2022

PhD application

If you are a highly motivated candidate of academic excellence and if you want to start an innovative research project in 2022, then click down below to candidate and join the IMCBio graduate school! 

Please note that 2022 applications will be submitted in 2 calls:

First call: January – March, 2022: applications only from students requiring a Master degree equivalency at the University of Strasbourg (including all students studying toward a Master level diploma in 2022 from foreign Universities) and from students already holding a Master degree;

Second call: May – June, 2022: applications for all students with Master diploma.

Opening of the 1st callJanuary 4, 2022
Closing of the callMarch 21, 2022 (Register by March 17, 2022)
1st round selectionEvaluation & ranking of applications by the IMCBio PhD committee in March – April 2022

2nd round selection
Shortlisted candidates are invited for an online interview session by members of the PhD committee April – May 2022
3rd round selectionShortlisted candidates are invited for an interview session by the whole PhD committee and interviews with their possible future PhD supervisor End of May 2022.